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Scott C. Miller


I am an economic historian at the Darden School of Business and the Miller Center of Public Affairs. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I have made Charlottesville home and could not be happier about it. 

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The proud product of public schools, I received my BA from Vanguard University of Southern California. I then earned an MA at George Mason University before completing my Ph.D in History at the University of Virginia. I also served as a postdoctoral fellow in economic and business history at the Yale School of Management's International Center for Finance.


After undergrad, I conducted research on World War II aviation for four years before entering grad school. In the Spring of 2021, I was offered a chance to return to UVa with a duel position at Darden and the Miller Center.

About Me

I am lucky to have married the women I went to prom with, who is not an academic and the person on earth I most respect. Also, I am dyslexic, don't like museums, and couldn't care less about the actual transacting of money, so how I became an economic historian is beyond me. 

City I dislike: Las Vegas

City I think is overrated: London

City I like: Edinburgh

City I love: Philadelphia

City I feel most myself in: Paris

City I still need to visit: Istanbul

City I dream of living in: Groningen

Favorite city of all time: Paris

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